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Changing the way our clients engage today’s connected consumers by uniquely creating integrated, immersive stories across brand communications, digital engagement, and omni-channel commerce.

Our Vision

Be a partner for industry verticals on the inevitable journey towards enterprise transformation and future readiness, by harnessing the growing power of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science and emerging methodologies, with immediacy of impact and swiftness of outcome.

Our Mission

To decode data, and code new intelligence into products and automation, engineer, develop and deploy systems and applications that redefine experiences and realign business growth.

Our History

Our Journey of Innovation & Growth

Inception: Pioneering the Digital Frontier

In our foundational year, TechChefz embarked on a journey of digital transformation, laying the groundwork for our future endeavors. We began working on Cab Accelerator Apps akin to Uber and Ola, deploying them across Europe, Africa, and Australia, marking our initial foray into global markets. Alongside, we successfully delivered technology trainings across USA & India.






What we do

Crafting Solutions, Shaping Futures:
Our Services & Engagement Models

Digital Strategy

Digital Strategy

Creating digital frameworks that transform your digital enterprise and produce a return on investment.

Platform Selection

Platform Selection

Helping you select the optimal digital experience, commerce, cloud and marketing platform for your enterprise.


Our values are part of everything
we create at instrument


We believe in a customer-centric ethic without and people-centric paradigm within. With a strong sense of community, ownership, and collaboration our people work in a spirit of co-creation, co-innovation, and co-development to engineer next-generation software products with the help of accelerators.

Digital Transformation

Reimaging businesses by integrating digital technologies

We assist businesses by transforming their goals, teams, and cultures with digital technology to make them colinear with the digital age. Through digitalization, organizations can facilitate advanced decision-making and management.


We help our clients to attract the relevant audience for their business with advanced technology.


Collaborative and customer-focused approach to ensure that the transformation delivers value


We offer a data-driven approach for our clients so that they have optimal conversion funnels.


Ensuring customer retention is paramount for driving growth and brand value. We assist our clients in customer retention

Founder’s desk

Founding Inspiration: Mayank Maggon's Journey
with TechChefz Digital

Mayank Maggon



Mayank Maggon, the driving force behind TechChefz Digital, has been a passionate tech enthusiast since his early days in BTech. His journey in the corporate world began with Infosys, where he honed his skills and gained invaluable experience. Over the course of 8 years, Mayank navigated through various roles in corporates and mid-scale IT service companies, working with esteemed global clients such as Cisco, Apple, Sony, Visma, GE, Courts Asia, SITA, Diageo, Unilever, Clifford Chance, Arizona University, NBCUniversal, and more.

His expertise in Enterprise Applications & Architectures spanned roles as a developer, team lead, manager, and architect, showcasing his versatility and depth of knowledge. With hands-on experience in Java, DOT Net, HTML, JS, CSS, React JS, Node JS, Adobe Experience Manager, and other cutting-edge technologies, Mayank brings a wealth of technical expertise and industry insight to TechChefz Digital. His journey is a testament to his unwavering dedication to innovation and excellence in the tech industry.

After a transformative scuba dive in the Maldives, Mayank Maggon made a pivotal decision to depart from the corporate ladder in December 2016. Fueled by a clear vision to revolutionize the digital landscape, Mayank set out to leverage the best technology ingredients, crafting custom applications and digital ecosystems tailored to clients' specific needs, limitations, and budgets.

However, this solo journey was not without its challenges. Mayank had to initiate the revenue engine by offering corporate trainings and conducting online batches for tech training across the USA. He also undertook small projects and subcontracted modules of larger projects for clients in the US, UK, and India. It was only after this initial groundwork that Mayank was able to hire a group of interns, whom he meticulously trained and groomed to prepare them for handling Enterprise Level Applications. This journey reflects Mayank's resilience, determination, and entrepreneurial spirit in building TechChefz Digital from the ground up.

With a passion for innovation and a relentless drive for excellence, Mayank has steered TechChefz Digital through strategic partnerships, groundbreaking projects, and exponential growth. His leadership has been instrumental in shaping TechChefz Digital into a leading force in the digital transformation arena, inspiring a culture of innovation and excellence that continues to propel the company forward.

Our Team

Meet the team
behind the vision

Akshit Maggon

Associate Director - Delivery


Anita Ahlawat



Kunal Bhardwaj

Director Technology


Rahul Aggarwal

Senior Director - Technology

Clients & Partners

Our Universe: Clients and Partners

Discover the dynamic network of TechChefz Digital, where innovative solutions meet strategic partnerships.

We assist businesses by transforming their goals, teams, and cultures with digital technology to make them colinear with the digital age. Through digitalization, organizations can facilitate advanced decision-making and management.


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