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Technology-driven solutions are becoming the norm in our industry. More than ever, customers expect us to assess and adopt innovation to optimize our performance and create more value. The Kent Global Centre of Excellence (CoE) helps keep us at the forefront of change in every strand of our business.


Our guiding principles behind
Center of Excellence


the Coe serves as the nucleus for fostering innovation, empowering our teams, and ensuring the highest standards of quality and efficiency. The mission of our Centre of Excellence is to be the catalyst for transformative change within our organization.

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The Innovation Nexus:
Unveiling Our Centre of Excellence

Content Management Systems (70+)

AEM – Drupal – WordPress – Strapi - Django

Commerce (10+)

Magento – BigCommerce – Shopify - Salesforce

Microservices (50+)

Kubernetes, Docker, Node JS, Spring Boot, Python, Go Lang, ELK, Elastic, Redis, Kafka, Presto DB

DevSecOps (10+)

AWS, MS-Azure, GCP, CDNs, Linux / Windows based VMs, Build Automation, Terraforms, Network & Application Security

Mobility (10+)

React Native, Flutter, PWA, AMP, iOS and Android Native

Open Source Web Dev Stack (50+)

React JS, Angular JS, Java, DOT NET, Python

3D – AR – VR - MR (10+)

UI/UX Design and Development (10+)

Project Management and Business Analysis (20+)

Testing (20+)

Manual, Automation, Accessibility, Performance and Load Testing

CDP, Analytics, Personalization and Market Automation (50+)


Key Focus Areas

Our Coe ensures that our efforts translate into measurable
improvements and positive outcomes.


Research and Development

Spearheading research initiatives to stay at the forefront of industry trends and emerging technologies.

Training and Development

Designing comprehensive training programs to upskill and empower our workforce. Providing learning opportunities that align with individual career paths and organizational goals.


Quality Assurance

Implementing rigorous quality assurance protocols to ensure the delivery of products and services that meet or exceed customer expectations. Conducting thorough audits and assessments to identify areas for improvement.


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