Is manual testing replaced by automation Testing?

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Feb 29, 2023


Annu Agnihotri




In recent times, we are hearing that manual testing is being covered by automation testing. Today, we will discuss in this blog how true this is and what is the future of manual testing?  So, let’s talk about a few things that give us clarity about these type of queries.

If you are working as a manual test engineer, then we can understand this kind of hypothetical query trigger panic. That’s why we also need to understand the pros and cons of automation testing and how manual testing plays important role in the cons of automation testing.

So on basis of above understanding, I have a few questions for you:

  • Is it possible to create reliable 100% testing automatically with the help of automation Testing tools?
  • Is it intellectual for software companies to phase out manual testing?
  • Is automation testing is feasible for small organizations (ROI) or small projects?
  • Can automation testing fully simulate human behaviour?
The simple answer to all the above queries is No.


Let’s understand what is Manual Testing?

Manual testing is the initiatory testing phase that’s closest to software development. It evaluates the website or application’s behaviour through a step-by-step evaluation based on the requirement specification analysis. The main objective of manual testing is to ensure that the product or project works as per the requirement specification documents and improve the quality of the application.

Why manual testing always be required?

Manual testing is a prime choice in several scenarios. Let’s look at those scenarios where automation is not a good choice and manual testers are better suited.

  • Manual testing of tests from a human perspective.
  • Exploratory Testing only can done manually.
  • Automated Tests can contain errors.
  • Automating some scenarios is not technically possible or the cost is too much high.
  • Manual Testing helps us understand the entire problem.
  • Automation tools can't mimic real humans yet.


What does the future hold?

At present time, Manual testing is becoming closer to software development due to modifications and operational improvements. The future looks bright for them as long as manual testers keep abrasion their expertise and acquiring new technology.

Without  Manual testing it is difficult to produce bug free software that’s why manual testers will always be required. So this is highlighting the reality that 100% automation of software testing is not possible for sustainability.


So we can say that Automation testing is just a way to make your work easier, you can save time during regression testing. It’s not a running away from manual testing.

The Automation testing does not do what testers used to do unless one ignores most things a tester really does during manual testing. We can say Automation testing is useful for extending the reach of the tester’s work, not to replace it.


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