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Royal Sundaram is a young and dynamic organisation that came into being just as the insurance sector in India was thrown open to private enterprise. We are among the prime movers in the industry today and it is all because of a spirited work force. Our contribution involved managing & enhancing the hybrid CMS platform for all customer journeys and touchpoints


Setting Our Course Toward Future Goals

Maximize digital channel growth and profitability through the management and enhancement of a hybrid CMS platform for all customer journeys and touchpoints at Royal Sundaram.

Optimize page performance and enhance user engagement by implementing PWA & AMP-based web pages, achieving high scores in desktop and mobile web vitals, improving page load speed, SEO, accessibility, and offline browsing capabilities with push notifications.

Streamline insurance journeys with easy-to-author pages and content across buy and renew journeys for each insurance category, ensuring seamless integration with existing and new APIs, and providing minimalistic buy and renewal journeys for various products while adhering to data compliances.

Drive business impact through substantial growth on digital channels, increased new customers and policies, manifold digital sales growth, faster time to market for new products, and targeted multilingual targeting, making digital the most profitable channel for Royal Sundaram.


Navigating obstacles, overcoming challenges

Optimizing Performance

Page Performance with 90% Desktop and 85% Mobile Web Vitals, including Page Load, SEO, Accessibility, PWA and AMP Standards.

Enhancing User Engagement

Offline browsing & push notifications

Streamline Insurance Journeys

Easy to author pages and respective content across buy & renew journeys for each insurance category.

Seamless API Integration

Easy to integrate with existing and new APIs.


Crafting Effective Solutions for Complex Problems

Digital Solution and Implementation with Headless Drupal as the CMS, and lightweight React JS (Next JS SSR on Node JS) with the following features:

PWA & AMP based Web Pages

Page Speed Optimization

Reusable and scalable React JS / Next JS Templates and Components

Headless Drupal CMS with Content & Experience management, approval workflows, etc for seamless collaboration between the business and marketing teams

Minimalistic Buy and Renewal Journeys for various products, with API integrations and adherence to data compliances

Multi Site Multi Locale Multilingual Scalable Platform


Driving Business Growth: Impact and Results

The platform has driven substantial growth on digital channels, agility, multilingual targeting, and profitability for businesses.

14% new customers and 16% new policies from digital channels.

Manifold increase in digital sales, making digital the most profitable channel.

Faster time to market with new products brought to market in days, not weeks or months.

Target customers with calls-to-action delivered in dozens of languages.


Reduction in Operational Time and Effort in managing the Content & Experience for Buy & renew Journeys


Reduction in Customer Drops during buy and renewal journeys


Reduction in bounce rate on policy landing and campaign pages

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