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100+ resorts in India, Sri Lanka, Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Finland, Sweden and Spain. 170+Partner Hotels and Resorts in India, Bhutan, Nepal, Bali, Vietnam, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, USA and the Netherlands.4300+ RCI Resorts worldwide. Our contribution involved developeing a commerce enabled digital platforms with omni channel customer experience for property, services & workforce management, customer subscription & booking management


Setting Our Course Toward Future Goals

Maximize customer engagement and operational efficiency through the development of commerce-enabled digital platforms with omni-channel customer experiences for property, services, and workforce management.

Develop comprehensive platform solutions to address challenges related to decentralized digital interfaces, realigning partnerships, and overcoming obstacles in customer outreach, service delivery, and product management, enhancing operational efficiency and customer satisfaction across diverse markets and business units.

Implement platform development and integrations across different tech stacks, including Drupal, Magento, MERN, and Microservices, to streamline travel booking processes, enhance indemnity journeys, facilitate digital community engagement, and provide managed services for continuous platform support and optimization.

Drive business impact through unified technology, personalized user experiences, and operational efficiency improvements, resulting in enhanced customer engagement, better conversion rates, and improved user satisfaction, while enabling scalable partnerships, workforce enrollment, and B2B subscriptions for sustainable growth and expansion across products and services.


Navigating obstacles, overcoming challenges

Decentralized digital interfaces

Decentralized digital interfaces were not allowing the brand to connect the user across multiple applications, with disconnected data across applications.

Realigning Partnerships

Partners were isolated from the brand & marketing strategies, leading to opportunity loss

Overcoming Obstacles

Challenges w.r.t. reaching out to customers for service, utilities, cross sell & upsell products.

Streamlining Success

Lack of automation & workflows, leading to human rework across channels, especially w.r.t. Product, Prices, Inventory, Booking & Complaint Management.


Crafting Effective Solutions for Complex Problems

We focused on strategizing CX, diverse platform dev, travel booking, indemnity journeys, digital community, and managed services enhance travel experience and operational efficiency.

Strategizing & defining the Customer Experience across business units and respective products / services

Platform Development and Integrations across different tech stacks - Drupal, Magento, MERN, Microservices, Canvas LMS, OKTA SSO, AWS based Cloud Infrastructure, Build Automation

Travel Packages Booking Platform with payments, subscriptions, real time booking, etc

Indemnity & Self-Service Journeys

Digital Community for Travelers, Familiesseeking comfortable luxury travel

Managed Services w.r.t. Applications including Production Support, Platform Stabilization, Enhancements, Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring, DevSecOps, etc


Driving Business Growth: Impact and Results

Unified technology, personalized user experiences, operational efficiency, and streamlined partnerships enhance customer engagement and scalability across products/services.

Unification of technology across markets, product lines, user community& brand promotion.

Personalization w.r.t. users accelerated user journeys and participation on the digital interfaces leading to better conversion rates and user satisfaction in terms of pre and post sale brand engagement.

Operational Efficiency saving human effort and cost w.r.t. Products, Inventory & Booking Management, Vendors & Partners Collaboration.

Partners & Workforce enrollment enabling B2B Subscriptions, leading to easy scale up w.r.t. customer onboarding across products &services.


Improvement in Marketing Content, Real Time Prices & Inventories delivery.


Increase in Customer Retention


Increase in Partner & Vendor Operational Efficiency

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